Just a Few Seconds: How Long Do You Have to Get Noticed

News 07:05 May 2024:

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The world is an ever increasingly fast-paced place. Mobile devices and technology are as mobile as the people who use them. They are taken to work to play and more. One of the reasons that people are so attached to these devices is because of their social media pages. Twitter, LinkedIn, and others are all engaging and must be interacted with in order to see their true value. But, for those who are running these pages for a larger goal or business purpose, you have only a few moments to capture attention before people turn away.

Because people are engaged yet quick with their mobile usage, it is important that those who want free likes and free followers capture their audience. There are literally only a few seconds of focus on a page before an individual viewer decides to stay with that page or move on. Therefore, those that are running these pages and who want that interaction, they have only a little bit of time before people will move on to something else. Make the most of this time and capture attention or be lost in the fray.